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A special Texas Jeans visitor

Texas Jeans has some of the best customers around. Many often come and take a plant tour, or just visit to learn more about our mission. One gentleman stands out with such a story I had to let other folks know about him.

Roger Berg stopped by our offices to see how Texas Jeans were made and what our facility looked like. He was so impressed with the people he spoke to on the phone and really enjoyed his jeans but had a problem with them. He was losing weight and gaining weight at a very strange rate. He found this was due to a terminal form of cancer he had contracted. Rather than give up on things when he heard the news, he set out to complete his "Bucket List”. To our amazement Texas Jeans was on his list of places and people to see!

Our time we spent talking to such a wonderful and wise man was amazing. He was very compassionate about the future of the United States. He had worries about his children and grandchildren growing up in a bad economy. The lack of jobs and manufacturing meant an unsure future for his kin. He was very excited to see how Texas Jeans was taking a stand on keeping manufacturing in America, while providing such a quality item and great prices.

We were able to fit him in several pair of jeans to complete his visit. We all felt truly touched by this man, as he thought more for the sake of his kin and country over himself. He told us he had lived a wonderful and great life, and could only hope others could be blessed with the same. I was inspired by Roger and his amazing outlook. He left a lasting impression on all of us here at Texas Jeans.

We were very sad to see Roger leave our plant. We knew we would never see Roger again. We take the time here at Texas Jeans to get to know all of our customers as much as possible. As he drove off some off our team was in tears. We were all better people by having met Roger Berg.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Roger.

Frederick Womer III
Operations Manager 
Texas Jeans.